Concept And Establishment

HireArchie is a nurtured child from the house of Prestige Software Pvt. Ltd. Established in the year 2008 in Kolkata, India. Prestige has been in the industry from the booming age to a competitive age and has gained the goodwill and experience which keeps the company hold high capability.

With an experience in multiple domains, Prestige Software Pvt Ltd has extended its hand of support to all the on shore and off shore companies in the form of HireArchie. With an aim to grow the hiring benefits in India and abroad, HireArchie provides one stop solution to networking and team building.

Hiring right candidate is still a challenge and handing over work risks time and money. Hence HireArchie provides you with a platform where in, all you need to have is project and we give you the team. You can be a self made Entrepreneur and get your team hired here. You may work from home as a boss, whereas your hired candidates get the infrastructure and corporate benefits at our office.

HireArchie has been handling projects and Skilled Candidates provider since last 5 years and comes with a concept to give the right exposure and benefits to all the small and medium sized companies globally.

Team Formation

Prestige Software Pvt Ltd has a team of skilled and stable performers who deliver class apart service. We make sure our team not only has domain and skill based knowledge but also collaborate with skilled creative artists to give an up to date beautiful output.

Any individual hired in one domain is always encouraged to share inter-domain knowledge with colleagues to make sure the client gets more than expected.

Origin of The Idea

The concept came basically with the Global Pain we see with hiring right candidates or paying high end salary. Choosing a right candidate for the role is as tough as Finding Nemo, what pains more is paying high salary to employees and putting burden on cost. 92% of small to medium Employers could not find the right salary structure for the kind of candidate and end up paying a high amount or disappoint the candidate paying lower than the market.

Both of above scenarios increases company costs and decrease profits. Almost 64% of companies with this pain area shuts there business after a huge loss, not finding the reason of failure.

Another reason of putting cost burden on your company is your geographical location. Different countries has eventually evolved a different set of pay grade, because of which the are in no option other than paying high amount of Salary. Although all the major companies and corporate giants has realized this and extended their network to low pay grade countries. But most of the medium and small companies still struggle to save this cost or does not have a channel of networking.

Hence Team HireArchie realized the problem and found a brilliant solution. With an increased GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017, India has IT industry worth $160 Billion. This has certainly encouraged a huge mass of local residents here to get their expertise in IT field. As a result currently India is the booming country to cater all the IT needs with its crowed full of nurtured skilled candidates making the industry thrive locally and globally.

Having the research done and finding how important is hiring the right candidate is, we have managed to create an IT infrastructure of more than 45000 Square Feet with all the required benefits to make sure the work never stops.

This will help our idea to grow the network allowing small to medium sized business hire relevant employees with required skilled set remotely from their location. The hired candidate/candidates get the required infrastructure, knowledge building, and On Site and Off Site support to give the best they can.

We make sure the network between employer and employee gets to a strong bond and let them grow together. A platform to create your own team, guide them to nurture your dream project or multiple projects and growing in hand with you has never been this easy. If the big corporate giants can, why cant you? Growing stops never.