Android/ IOS Application Development

Application Development is the key business strategy of most companies which target Big Results. . We understand the market and competition necessary to create a bigger imact on your business and develop a road map to success. . HireArchie is one of the leading Mobile Application Development Company  with its client base coming from all the major countries around  the world like US. UK, Australia, Canada, India and Middle East countries.

With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises. Our experience and past work are the showcase of our brilliance in mobile applications development.

HireArchie is an emerging Indian Mobile App Development Company, delivering diversified Mobile App experiences.

Our mobile app developers have grown marvellously to deliver the full range of mobile services. We hold notable presence as a Mobile App Development Company India for creating modern and interactive interfaces of various mobile devices.

We haven’t left any app stand below when it comes to technology. Our mobile app developers are trained to cope with the evolving time and users need. We have stepped in the industry and attained a level where we can turn every minute possibility into a potent app.

Our Indian App Developers have polished analyzing abilities with the skill set to frame workable strategies. The strategies then get converted into a well-loved app on Google play store and Apple app store.

Storage And Data Management

Data is the major player which decides if your hard work going to last for long or is going to fall short of management. With the current situation and understanding the importance of Data Management, we have partnered with leading Cloud Storage Hosting Companies.

This helps your business to worry about one less thing of many. With the ease of shared storage and cost saving, the next thing comes in mind is Data Management. Managing Big Data requires a lot of Experience Effort and Skills. Hence we at HireArchie are equipped with talented Professionals in order to help our partnered businesses thrive in their target.

With Experienced Candidates to work on tools like SAP, Hadoop, Oracle and more, HireArchie affirms that your client data is managed beautifully and securely. Database management requires powerful back end and easy front end for Enterprises and Companies to work with ease. Automation is another key player to reduce Human Task and get data managed properly.

What makes us stand above major brands in India?

  • We fuel your idea with practical solutions. We are not only into acquiring clients, we have an approach to maintain a lifelong relationship with every client of ours and be on our toes to assist them in any development need at any tick of the clock.
  • We define the apps feature and functionality with a future perspective. Of course, the app will lure the present audience but we design and develop it in a manner which makes it future ready as well.
  • With a eccentric approach, our company pours its expertise to burst with fully functional and high performing apps for enterprise, startups and big brands.
  • HireArchie addresses real business challenges for its clients through in-depth technical knowledge and innovative approach.
  • Our Android and iOS app developers are well versed with the technical know-how of their field and commitment to deliver a quality-rich app that too in time bound manner.
  • HireArchie has a streamlined process of development covering each and every aspect of designing to development, from testing to maintenance, we take care of it all.
  • With our feet dig deep in the United States and India, HireArchie takes pride in delivering the best mobile app development services to some of the big brands.
  • The company till date has deployed 100+ mobile apps in all the leading App Stores that are currently used by millions of active users worldwide.

Need Reliable App Developers To Partner with Globally?

If the answer is yes, you are landed at right place. We know the local and global needs and create a concrete solution that fits best with what client has in his mind. A wireframe by our designer helps the client to satisfactorily move ahead with the development. If you are a non-IT person and don’t possess the technical knowledge, we give you a tour of the entire process and a rough module of the final output through the wireframe.

Our company involves the client in each phase whether it is designing or development. The next phase is bug fixing and quality assurance which assures you of the glitch-free solution. Also, we relinquish our clients with the post-deployment support and maintenance service for their satisfaction.

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