How Soon Can I Get A Team?

Post Submission Of Requirement And Completing The Agreement The Actual Processing May Take 2 Weeks To Start.

Post Approval An Agreement We Do:

  • Requirement Briefing  (1 Day)
  • Screen Candidates (7 Days)
  • Arrange Interviews (2 Days)
  • On boarding And Induction (4 Days)
How Can I Start?

Simple Submit Your Staff Requirement To Begin.

Getting started with HireArchie is really easy, but first, we need to fully understand your needs.

Post Submitting Your Requirement A Hiring Expert will contact you to understand your requirement, target and expectations from us. We will then set up a meeting with relevant Operations Manager to further strategize the hiring and on boarding process,

How hard is it to scale my team?

HireArchie understands that circumstances can change rapidly, so we have developed an engagement model that is both fair and flexible.

Increasing Staffs

The process of adding staff can commence as soon as we receive notification of your intention. We will start sending you candidates as soon as we know your requirements. You simply choose your new staff member and select a suitable start date.


Reducing Staffs

Disengaging staff members is also a simple process but usually requires 30 days notice


How do I Connect To My Team?

Because your staff member becomes a part of your local office environment, we encourage the use of the standard communications methods that the rest of your staff use. Your account manager and our technical staff will assist with the integration if required.

HireArchie supported messaging includes:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • VoIP
  • Zoom
  • Cisco Solutions
  • Group Emailing
Do i get dedicated staffs ?

Yes, Any staff you hire will be dedicated to your tasks and projects only unless released as per the terms.

How Long Will Be The Contract?

The Contract Starts from a minimum of 3 months ad maximum of 2 years. Contract renews after every 2 years with term revision if required.

A Notice period of 60 days is required before terminating the contract for us to allow engaged candidate find a new Project Or Role.

What Operating System Can I chose from?

Operating Systems Are Integrated As Per Project And Process Need. By Default All The System Wil Have Windows 10 installed. Other OS includes:

  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat
  • MAC OS
  • Linux

Any Other OS Will Be Deployed As And When Required

How does your pricing model work?

HireArchie has a very simple and transparent pricing model.

HireArchie works on a simple pricing model. Post requirement Internal Team Of Experts Analyse Operating Cost, Hiring Cost, Employment Cost, Corporate Benefits And Profits. After analysing we Quote A Simple Per Hour Cost which includes everything.

Hence No Matter How Complicated it is for us, we make it simple for you to hire.

What hours will my staff work?

Partnering with us gives your employee a 24/7 working environment to work. However as per Government Policy an employee can work on a maximum of 50 Hours per week and A Minimum of 20 Hours per week. Anything above 50 hours will be considered as Overtime.

Since this is a 24/7 open office, employees can change shifts as per Project Requirement. Total cost is calculated as per hourly occupancy and job role of the employee.

How does the interview process work?

Post Confirming the requirement and completing the agreement, our team of Recruiters Start Screening Candidates and run local Ads For Candidature. Post screening we conduct a 1st round of interview and arrange for a final round with client if clients opts for it. Else we onboard the candidate and put through induction.

Client can take the final round if required over Skype Or VOIP.